Water Meter Ancillaries

Water Meter Ancillaries
A combined valve assembly to control and meter water supply to multi-dwelling accommodation such as apartments and office blocks.
Set Descending Direction
  1. Y Type Pattern Strainers
  2. Water Meter Connection Kit
  3. Manifold Water Meter Carrier Valve
  4. Manifold Water Meter Carrier
  5. Digital Remote Totaliser
  6. B Meters RFM-C3 Wireless Mbus Gateway
  7. Honeywell Elster Boundary Boxes
  8. B METERS RFM-RX2 Wireless M-BUS Receiver / Configurator
  9. B Meters RFM-RBT Wireless MBUS to Bluetooth Receiver
  10. B Meter RFM-RPT-3 Wireless MBUS Signal Repeater
Set Descending Direction

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