Heat & Cooling Meters

Heat & Cooling Meters
Meter Suppliers provide domestic and commercial energy flow meters and accessories, our range includes ultrasonic and turbine energy meters, modules, sensors and ancillaries.
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  1. CMe3100 Mbus Metering Gateway for Fixed Network
  2. Elvaco CMi5110 Wireless Mbus Reciever
  3. Elvaco CMa30 USB Mbus Master
  4. Elvaco CMex10 DIN Mounted Mbus Extenders
  5. CMe2100 Mbus Gateway for Mobile Network
  6. Kamstrup Multical 403 Heat Meter
  7. Kamstrup Multical 803 Ultrasonic Heat Meter
  8. Kamstrup Multical 603 Heat Meter
  9. Security seal
  10. Relay Mbus Products
  11. Relay Converter and Repeater PW250
  12. KAMSTRUP USB Meter Reader
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