Gas Meters

Gas Meters
As specialist gas meter suppliers we stock a wide range of domestic gas meters, commercial gas meters and gas meter parts and accessories. So, whether you need a turbine, rotary, diaphragm, or prepayment gas meter, a solenoid valve, gas regulator or gas ancillary, we have the right solution for... Read more
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  1. Itron RF1 Residential Diaphragm Gas Meter
  2. Common CPT-01 Quantometers – Flange Fitting
  3. Merlin GDP4 Gas Safety Detection System
  4. Merlin GDP2 Gas Safety Detection System
  5. Merlin 4500PPM CO2 Gas Safety Monitor
  6. Merlin 1000BH Gas Proving / Detection System
  7. Siargo MF-GD Series Low Pressure Mass Flow Meter
  8. AS Series Ultrasonic Flowmeters for Gas
  9. Pulse output connectors
  10. Pipeline gas filters – Top hat closed type
  11. Pipeline flange fixing kits
  12. Madas Aluminium Inline Gas Filters
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